Yes, your problem could be related to the hard drive. This is the Jack only, you will need to reuse your harness. I have tried an external usb keyboard and it will not work. Hi, I am fixing this acer lap top but the clips that holds the keyboard connector are broke,Do you know if there is another way to repair it with out replacing the hole motherboard? First of all, make sure the computer is turned off, the power adapter is disconnected and the battery is removed. Or even what kind of battery I would need to get? Another quirky thing is that it only becomes a fault once the machine has been off and disconnected from any power AC or battery for approx.

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The light is constantly ON for the hard drive and it is spinning but the heads are not clanking. When inverter goes bad, the screen backligth stops working. Yes, your problem could be related to the acer aspire 5100 bl51 drive. Thanks for your help! An update on my situation. As seems to be the case with a few others computers here, upon pushing the power button all lights nl51 on the fan runs for about 10 seconds, the harddrive seems to spin, and then everything just stops the fan continues to run at low speed.

Maybe they are too long acdr when you put them in, one of the screws is touching the motherboard ans shorting something? The PSP26U models above can also use the 2. This is a progressive issue- whatever you have will get worse.

Hi, a beer was tipped over onto my laptop and Acer aspire 5100 bl51 caught it very quickly — it was a small amount and I popped off some of the keys and wiped under them.

I have 2 Acer laptops with basically the same problem. In my acer aspire 5100 bl51 I explain how to dissemble the laptop, not just clean the fan. Do you know if apsire cable for the sound is going near this pad? Have you got a link to some that would be suitable please. Any of the models listed above may use either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need.

Just to add to above. Acer Aspire spilled coffee on the keyboard- Shift key sticks- so can not acer aspire 5100 bl51 password- Is there any way to run keyboard diagnostics? Can I get another part or can I just use a Wireless mouse instead.

I realized when I went to register the prI oduct. Important note for site admins: Axer appear in windows but when i plug some device in one of them stops and say unrecognized device. The hard disk light acer aspire 5100 bl51 on for awhile, then goes our.

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Try minimizing the laptop. Many thanks in advance.

You cannot upgrade the video card in this model. Do you have any clue why this isnt acer aspire 5100 bl51 or posting? But there is a new twist… The battery ran out of juice, so she gave me the charger.

Using another machine in my household, I created a Ubuntu install disc, and ran a user session on my Acer Aspire from the DVD drive. I mean, I press the power button, the power and hdd leds light up and the screen stays black. Any idea what is causing the problem? Carefully move the black tab about millimeters up with your fingernails as it shown on the picture below. I tested with the battery in and with the battery out, but no go. But the keyboard will not work.

Thanks Catani84 for your suggestion. If not, go to the step 2. Do you mean one memory bank stopped working completely, or you still acer aspire 5100 bl51 use both banks but only with one module at a time?

Hi, i have an aspire and for the last 5 days i have a problem with it. Thanks for the help! Without keyboard and touch pad you cannot enter the BIOS setup and check the settings. Should i try contact cleaner?? I try the ram on other laptop and works fine. This is relatively acer aspire 5100 bl51 laptop and I think it can handle a new GB hard drive without any problem.

These are wireless antenna cables. Did you try entering the BIOS setup menu and testing the keyboard in acer aspire 5100 bl51 There is not a computer technician guy out here to help me. Maitinimo lizdas DC PJ10 1. Remove the hard drive from your laptop.

My laptop had a lot of dust trapped between the fan and heatsink. If you have two RAM modules installed test your laptop with each module separately. acer aspire 5100 bl51

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As it was under warrranty it was sent in to Acer who are claiming physical abuse?? Second Acer now works fine. Strangely enough, after another acer aspire 5100 bl51 seconds or so, it restarts itself, and repeats the cycle over and over.

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