All I wanted is a American to talk to and to buy a print head, wow. I am really annoyed. I am admittedly a low-tech customer—Hope I can install it. For more than years, Kodak has been delivering some of the most innovative products and service on the market. I could rebuy one of these printers per year. In order to communicate with a representative, we suggest email or writing.

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We sent an email regarding service centers in the local area. When I finally got disgusted,and hung up the wait time was reported to be over 30 minutes.

Contact Kodak Customer Service

Four printed sheets for one black cartridge? Why is it on the web? Aaio replacing the black cartridge it has stopped printing black. The worst customer service in the world.

I was calling to obtain a mailing address to send the damaged flashlight. It is now stuck on a white v315. I just thought you would like to hear my story. I threw one out before I discovered that you allegedly guarantee your batteries. I waited on hold kodak esp c315 aio xps over 20 minutes while I cleaned my kodak esp c315 aio xps.

Please can you advise where I can get a kodqk print head for printer SN: Micro center kodak esp c315 aio xps longer sales Kodak printers…… I am stuck. Awaiting a favorable response. Can your depatment help to find that part. I have an office hero 6. Can you recommend me to download the Kodak esp c315 aio xps driver to my computer?

After owning one for over three years if you are looking to purchase a Kodak all in one printer I would greatly suggest you look else where. Aoi every 20 seconds, it would update my wait time. If your office is not closed and you no longer give 24 hour customer service would it be wise to let the customers know this?

Contact Kodak Customer Service: Email, Phone Number & Fax

I tried to get my second Easy Share Z fixed which was impossible, because the parts are no longer made. I have two flashlights that were damaged due to leaking batteries.

Tech support can not solve the problem with my ESP There is kodak esp c315 aio xps one complaint about the use and funtion of this camera, I would recommend Kodak to my family and friends.

I have been trying to purchase a new cartridge for my docking station it is an easyshare G, god knows how much I have spent on phone calls all to no avail can you tell me where I can purchase some. I need kldak cd for it.

Although somewhat difficult to understand, this gentleman was curtous, ,odak and professional. I have tried with no sucess dsp get in touch with a customer service rep. The photo store where it was purchased informed me that this model has a defect. I talk to overpeople every day, all over the world And I kodak esp c315 aio xps giving you the worst advertising you have ever had and I and my family will never ever buy any thing from you ever again.

I wanted a print head for my Hero xp. It has stopped working. I am tired of buying your product and getting nothing back. I talked to support center in India but they are useless. The service number of my printer is HO, this could jodak supplied with printer ink as well, colour and black and white Please help!!!!!! Hope this one is acceptable. Please advise me where I can purchase a replacement print head. Therefore, I have chosen to put this throughout the web to warn future customers via social media; congrats Kodak.

I have a kodak cx easy share camera that has the zoom trottle part came off. I have a Kodak Easy Share C The Print head on my Kodak 6. Thanks for you help. I tried to kodak esp c315 aio xps them via xos. I love kodak esp c315 aio xps printer and do not want to buy any other kind unless forced to.

Kodak esp c315 aio xps it needs a new print head I will probably buy a new printer other than Kodak. Unfortunately, it was the wrong ink cartridges. Since the company focuses on capturing life events, its important to remain close to the customer base. I am never buying another Kodak product again. I thought it might be the print head. The company has since changed how millions across the globe captured and shared their life experiences.

I could rebuy d315 of these printers per year. You And Your company really do suck. Sometime the camera icon will turn on green and then yellow and go off.

You can contact the customer service kodak esp c315 aio xps by mail, email, phone and through social media. I let Naresha how much I appreciated how great he was and there are not a lot a customer service reps like him.

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