Apart from that though it is a sweet machine, I don’t think I’ll return it either way but its pretty dodgy if its being misleadingly advertised both by the seller and manufacturer as being better specs than what it is And coming back from USA last year this big Maori customs guy.. That’s cheap enough just to buy one, because you can Office I personally disliked. Cpuz still shows this as ddr How much do the 9 cell batteries “hang out” from the standard frame?

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I’ve had an excellent run with my original U Once the 9 cell arrives we’ll be much more than this!

They’re a great little netbook, mine gets a lot of use. We do aim to have a maximum of days in-house turn msi l1350d wireless time here for notebooks and generally we achieve that rate.

Settling into LD ownership the Office o1350d stuff is free. Couldn’t find the same Chinese seller so a new supplier.

But hey presto the replacement arrived today. And coming back from USA last year this big Maori customs guy. This particular model is available at OW only and it comes with msi l1350d wireless year MSI warranty so that might be a mistake on the box.

While it would be nice to go more theoretically 1GB is sufficient for Win 7 starter. Msi l1350d wireless if the soldered chip is indeed a ddr2 ram and people are putting ddr3 ram that might explain something.

Can you please advise how much it weighs with the 9 cell batteries? I spent a bit of time looking at the differences.

Northbridge Intel Atom Host Bridge rev. When removed there is l1305d issue. The LD weighs 1. I assume they have no idea about it. I notice some utilities cpu z and Sisoft Sandra show the ram as ddr2. Possibly leave msi l1350d wireless enough alone for the time being.

MSI Wind LD netbook – MSI – Notebooks

I had one Wirelews slide to print out. I had a look at it looks just like a single slot Any help would be appreciated: How much do the 9 cell batteries “hang out” from the standard frame? msi l1350d wireless

It went back to MSI Sydney under warranty for a msi l1350d wireless mousepad. Msi l1350d wireless would be 6 cell battery, yet strangely a smaller HD GB. But yes I too can confirm 1g ddr3 works fine. I’m thinking I might take mine back to Officeworks tomorrow. I would like to do the same as you and had a quick look on ebay and couldn’t find any. Taking a closer look I can see the LD warranty return card does indeed show 1 year.

The LD comes with yet another 3 cell battery, good for about ll1350d hours 30 mins. My local OW have good stocks. So the LD must be more efficient as the msi l1350d wireless U when the battery was new was around 8hrs but in practice more like 6 or 7.

DDR2 memory msi l1350d wireless not fit into the empty slot on the motherboard. Cpuz still shows this as ddr There is wireless of course but no bluetooth on the LD. Not wanting to leave it to the possibility of CPUZ having made a mistake I also checked the system using Crucial’s ram system checker, and it also reported that my ram was DDR2. OR is there some explanation I’m missing. The RAM stick i purchased is the following: Not fully functionable but all Msi l1350d wireless need.

For the price the LD is msi l1350d wireless bit of a bargain. N Atom processor seems fast, Win 7 seems relative ly intuitive as does Office Btw I upgraded the ram in mine to 2gb and I’m delighted with it.

Thanks for the review New ram v msi l1350d wireless yo ram. That’s cheap enough just to buy one, because you can In the finish I’ve found OW pretty good to buy off. Like a T Model Ford at this store you can have any colour you like Says the maximum allowed by Bios is 2Gb, but ive read elsewhere contradicting advice that the memory is soldered to the motherboard, and others where it is a simple slot available Phoned a couple of Big W stores looking for a cofirmation of this over the phone to no avail.

I added a 1gb DDR3 Sodimm ram module. I never tried going with 2g ddr3 ram.

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