Activate wireless on your PC and check the list of available Wi-Fi access points. The 8 way roof switch hangs off this, and also connects to a HH3 in your detached garage. I have tried both the yellow and the red WAN port for the Ethernet cable and neither work. Hi, Have done this using two HH5s it works fine but one thing to note is that the repeater hub will light solid orange and the red broadband light will flash continuously. Just follow the procedure for each one, as above.

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I have tried changing the address netgear w111v2 random, say Maybe try to get hold of w111f2 Linksys or Netgear cheap from ebay maybe and use that as the repeater instead? This worked perfectly to netgear w111v2 the range of my HH4 main router and my spare HH4. On Android, for example, you might have to install an app. If you can find any references to explain what Bill is talking about, please post them here.

Hi SteveP, I would not recommend simply connecting netgear w111v2 hubs without first performing the reconfigurations netgear w111v2 in the article, for the reasons given in my reply to Bill.

So I used a different laptop and could progress. Both are set with a fix IP address I see from your later posts that you have at least 3 access points now.

I would advise you to start the procedure over again from the start, that should give you access to your Home Hub again. I am not sure netgear w111v2 the HH3 model is not behaving as the others are.

Leave all other options as the default. The hub 3 type A AP is So having netgear w111v2 access to it should not be a problem. I am also a FON user. Thanks for netfear back Josh. Modern wireless clients circa onwards can netgear w111v2 at the higher frequency and obtain a clearer, faster, less congested signal.

Help would be appreciated. Only the Hub being re-purposed is changed.

You will still have to have a cable connecting the main router to your Home Hub 2 though. There are some procedures out there but the ones I saw would involve re-flashing the firmware on your Hub 2. I understand now and it is probably a bit out of my depth netgear w111v2 some proper googling! The 8 way roof switch hangs off this, w11v2 also connects to a HH3 in your detached garage.

Netgear w111v2 IP address did you give to each, and what is the IP address of netgear w111v2 main router? My questions apologies in advance if it really basic. Many thanks for this neetgear by step guide.

Reuse a spare BT Home Hub as a Wireless Access Point

The other hub 4 AP is I wonder if netgear w111v2 have nefgear ideas. Hi Avi Your plan sounds fine, although changing the SSID your step 2 was netgear w111v2 part of the original procedure, so I am not sure netgwar that. Thanks for netgear w111v2 this so easy to follow. I followed this post instructions step by step and now it is working perfectly and smoothly! Proceed but with the following modifications: From the information you have given, it is not easy to say what the problem might be.

Reuse a spare BT Home Hub as a Wireless Access Point | Unix etc.

All the best, Netggear. Wait a couple of minutes netgear w111v2 the Hub to reset and reboot. Although the details are for those routers, the basic procedure works for netgeqr BT and perhaps non-BT routers. One thing to note if you are adding multiple WAPs: I just get the netgear w111v2 page telling me that I have no internet connection and I should check my settings.

A couple of people have complained of not being able to surf to the hub at all.

netgear w111v2 You are talking about a wireless bridge, which would be netgear w111v2 completely different procedure. You connected your PC to the wall and typed ifconfig, showing an address of At the end negear this procedure, users of Hub models 4. If all has gone to plan, you now have your second AP up and running. Thanks for all your help and this fantastic tutorial. During test, my local network was managed w11v2 a Netgear router.

I have a wired internet connection but no access to the router can I use a HH2 as an W111v2 to make this connection wireless cheers. Run a CAT5 cable from any free ethernet port on the main hub to a free ethernet port on the slave hub. Also, most devices will connect to the strongest netgear w111v2 by default. If i wanted to add another hub for garden netgear w111v2 that work ok?

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