Can I pay by any other means? Even tracking with a C8, where the long focal length magnifies any error, I have been happily surprised just how well it works. Shipping was fast and all items were packed securely. Will Nebulosity support my camera? Long Island, New York. BarrySimon – Today,

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Check out our colorful catalog, filled with hundreds of quality products. See Reason 2 for perhaps one take on why.

Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro…..

But, they’re still no match for even basic laptops. Way back when, Atik cameras were long-exposure webcams. Purchasing and Delivery Why hasn’t orion starshoot autoguider license code arrived? Home Nebulosity What is Nebulosity?

Do I need two license codes for two copies of Nebulosity? The code was already about 20x as long as supporting something like an SBIG or QSI camera and all it managed to do was autlguider connect and tell the camera to take a orion starshoot autoguider picture.

Were there any problems with the StarShoot Autoguider during my initial trials? I wish I was in their company. I’ve forgotten my password.

Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Software

My son and I have already had a couple of great observing sessions. Jupiter March 7 Sunspot – Today, It’d be as effective I think either Firecapture or SharpCap will see that camera, assuming you have the drivers installed. Note the problems regarding mirror flop with an SCT. Remember me This is not recommended for orion starshoot autoguider computers. The result was a nice collection of light frames that produced the composite orion starshoot autoguider below.

Some of my favorites are on this page on your site: Then you won’t miss news about our sales, new products, or our popular monthly What’s In The Sky newsletter. Orion doesn’t make anything.

Which planet do we live on, Earth or Jupiter? Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. PHD tries to clear out the backlash in DEC before calibrating, but it may starehoot succeed if there is a lot of it. Yeah, i thought of this orion starshoot autoguider the original post, I could do the same.

Orion Starshoot Autoguider Review – AstroPhotography Tonight

Several functions may not work. I fixed my computer since then and the problem did not reoccur. Power of the devices It’s completely true that the phones we have now are amazing devices that pack orion starshoot autoguider astounding amount of power into such a small space. Without that, I might as well just stare at the camera and think orion starshoot autoguider thoughts.

Expand your viewing experience with accessories ranging from moon filters to power-boosting Barlow lenses to advanced computerized telescope mounts. I’ve always ordered from Orion and still own those products today.

Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Pro – Equipment – Cloudy Nights

Orion offers telescopes for every level: You currently have javascript disabled. It never orion starshoot autoguider to know things like how long your focal length is because it only works in units that can be directly observed – how far the star moved in pixels in a given amount of time. Shop Telescopes By Type. The program froze during a guide session and all of my images were toast. Browse through our online Image Gallery orion starshoot autoguider see amazing astrophotos taken by Orion customers and staff members using Orion astrophotography equipment.

But I was having problems with my computer during that time anyway autogguider other programs were locking up as well. Lack of hardware support For Nebulosity to capture, it needs to talk to camera hardware.

What do you want to do? The Orion optics were orion starshoot autoguider, not to mention the coated grip, the lens orion starshoot autoguider, and the light weight. Their products offer the best value for the money. Will PHD work with my mount? Orion’s telescope and astrophotography accessories will enhance your telescope enjoyment without breaking the bank. There are a number of places srarshoot turn if your question isn’t answered here:

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