Im Using Mac and ssl 3 Thanks a million Northrider23 gmail. What’s in Scratch Live 2. The XML that Giorgio sent should be similar in that they both control the platters. DJ Mike Rock 6: I just got the DN-MC The most important thing is that after you create this folder then you should immediately be able to see the XML file.

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It’s a dumb workaround but at least it works. As everyone else has asked. Take your controller, laptop, tablet, compact gear serato scratch live sl1, headphones, cables, mics, portable hard drives, and other digital DJ essentials from one gig to the next in style.

I’ve recently bought serato scratch live sl1 Denon Mc and would love to keep using serato. You can easily map scratc function within SSL though.

Control Cue Points, Loops and Samples. I just got the MC Serato Scratch Live 2.

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Durable polycarbonate shell offers a high level of protection. How can i revert to the previous version of SSL?

Alongside these key features Scratch Live 2. DJ Mike Rock 5: Also, what is effect 4 button assigned to?

Download Scratch Live

I had a MC when they first came out, but I sold it because I still was not ready to give up on my old gear Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard You would think with the popularity of BOTH scratch live and traktor also other software solutions that this would be easier or more serato scratch live sl1. An does anyone have the mapping for the MC for the SL1 for a macbook? Scrath Tried to map the platters in order to work as serxto pitch bend controller like cdj do.

As for Native Control for this, – you’re the first person I’ve seen – who has asked for this. Keep up the great work. I noticed that some of the lights don’t work, such as the key lock light. Serato scratch live sl1 your software and prevent problems No more missed important software updates! I need more than 2 inputs and more than 1 mic DJ AMG dgroovee me. Please could U send me your xml file for Denon mc? Did you have any tips how to set it up. Thanks again, AL doubleajc yahoo.

I’m still using the Fernando midi by dj unique and I got lights and jog wheels. Check “Your Private Discussion”, I sent you a message. Serato scratch live sl1 yes, with ME serato scratch live sl1 too.

As far as “technical support guru” You sent me the xml file before and it was working perfect but now I just can’t get the platters to work. Not such a factor when used to locations of buttons. I really appricate that very much. The scroll adjusts length. Get 24 of the best Beats, Hits, Loops and Sweeps, free serato scratch live sl1 you when you download the Loopmasters sample content installer.

SL1 for Serato Scratch Live | Rane DJ

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have read a few of the posts in this forum and basically I just got a Denon mc and would also like to use this with Serato Scratch Live Pretty sure these are corrupted somehow. Serato scratch live sl1 people in New Zealand I’m a big serato fun!!! Need the mapping files scrahch the mc including platters, pitch bend, etc. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive.

serato scratch live sl1

You can put a feature request in here: I also contacted Serato and Denon, but nobody can or want give any reasonable answer May I ask you to please also send me the complete mapping for SSL 2. Just picked up Snow Leopard and will be installing it tomorrow. My email is scdatch yahoo. Will then the plattern and the lights work? I would really appreciate the mapping for the though, if possible? Thanks LBoogie lisakbo aol.

Some users in the forum made it work succesfully with some tricks. serato scratch live sl1

Thank you so much. If you have a SL3 or SL4 you will still be able to route the audio on the other lines into the MC and use your faders. I still prefer to use TTs and a regular mixer.

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