When I boot the computer without an inverter connected at all it does the same thing as if it was connected and bad, dim screen. Gerry February 7, Would you like to log yourself in? Got it to the shop which replaced the display, and there they said my cable connecting motherboard to display got damaged and replaced it… after one week it begun again…after that got it back to the technician that done that and he just plugged off and back in that video cable. I hope u could help me. The problem is visible from the moment I turn on the laptop but it does not appear when I connect another lcd monitor. I have looked at your other post on the backlight, but does the way the problem occurred tell me something informative about its cause?

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Sont backlight bulb without results. If you replaced both but still experiencing the same problem, it could be related to the motherboard. Peter February 1, Any help, comment, suggestions, posted on this page, would be appreciated. Israelinkvm May 11, Will let everyone sony pcg-8v1l how this turns out. Aijaz March 12, Last year I had to replace his display sony pcg-8v1l it got broken.

How to test screen inverter

Just sony pcg-8v1l case, try reconnecting the video cable on both ends, on the motherboard and back of the LCD screen. My question is, is only the inverter broken or is sony pcg-8v1l a wider communication between the inverter and the motherboard so that sony pcg-8v1l part of my motherboard is broken. One last thing worth mentioning, is it pch-8v1l no difference if using battery, or AC power. First, I would try reconnecting the video cable on the back siny the LCD screen. You said the external screen works fine.

No HD spin or fan. Through research and reading your advice…it sounds like a bad inverter. This is great info.

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On boot the Windows Logo and Login Buttons sony pcg-8v1l all set to the right. One of the components probably inverter board is failing.

But my current obstacle is I dont know the protocol of communication with inverter card for brightness control sony pcg-8v1l Pin configuration on inverter sony pcg-8v1l. I ordered a new screen invertor and replaced the old one.

When I use the keyboard to switch back pcg-81l forth between the LCD and external monitor the LCD works for a few seconds, but is very pink.

I then installed connector properly and screen lit up fine, but image is still garbled. Im at sony pcg-8v1l bit of a loss to whats happening, any help would be great. Then, the screen starts making a crazy noise and the light turns off. I connected to an external pcg-8v1, and everything sony pcg-8v1l. Rebecca January 19, I am suspecting that the LCD screen is going bad but wonder if sony pcg-8v1l would be anything else that would be causing that issue?

Omarey April 12, The bottom half of my screen is dark and has light spots right at the bottom, whereas the top half works perfectly.

I dont have a lid closed switch, but was zony if this computer has a magnetic switch and if so how would I test it or sony pcg-8v1l it? Now when I tried reinstalling the sony pcg-8v1l inverter it does the same thing as the new one. I also thought it could be a stuck lid switch but I have yet to find one.

When you sony pcg-8v1l voltage soyn to the inverter from the motherboard, you should set your voltmeter to test DC in the range somewhere between VDC.

Sometimes it will only stay on for a minute after bootup and sony pcg-8v1l times I can use it for minutes before it goes dark. I checked the video cable and it fits. Looks like there could be three sony pcg-8v1l 1 the inverter 2 the CCFL lamp 3 the LCD cable an outside chance or a combination of two or all of them!

Laptops usually dim the screen when connected to a battery hence less current. Does external screen work absolutely normal and there is go sony pcg-8v1l image on it at all? The backlight stays on for a few minutes and then fails again. Rakesh July 2,

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