Try reinstalling the OS. The problem is when I opened it, whats under the bezel looks completely different than your pics. Thanks very much for the help, and DMike, I hope that helps. I pulle the bezel off and the screen but your photos show a video cable taped to the back of the screen. This is located immediately to the left of the docking socket looking from underneath. Also, do you have a lid close switch on your laptop? Is there a configuration methds to work around.

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Basically, the screen goes dark, even though I can still see the display if I use a flashlight. But anyway our web store may be particularly sony vaio vgn-sz330p for an end user of home appliances as well.

I want to know how can I transfer the windows and sony softwares to the new SDD? I do use a dock slny sony vaio vgn-sz330p the time. It all worked out!

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

These instructions are fabulous. Thanks for your time on these LCD screens for all of us who need it.

Is there a configuration methds to work around. Buy a can of compressed air and blow soyn inside the fan grill. Vgn-wz330p the Bezel was significantly more difficult than the one step shown, but in the end it just required running a screwdriver around the perimeter carefully.

If you still cannot get any external image, check laptop memory. Thanks for help violist. Luckily, the latter was the case. First of all, I would test laptop with an external monitor. If i connect an external monitor it works perfectly and the Gpu problem is solved… but sony vaio vgn-sz330p the Sony vaio vgn-sz330p problem appeared.

And also can i replace it or not? Thank you in advance for your help. When I turn it on, it sony vaio vgn-sz330p a few tries in order to have it the display working properly. I assume the new LCD screen is compatible with your laptop. I pointed these cables with two red arrows. Try reinstalling the OS.

Vgn-zs330p model is the SZ43GN. Now is running like a new one. I have another guide for this laptop explaining how to remove the keyboard. Thank you for helping me out.

The laptop was running extremely hot and shutting down. I do have vgn-s laptop, and got a white screen recently. Remove three screw securing vgn-sz30p palm rest. Someone sony vaio vgn-sz330p me the chipset is the cause of that and if true what can sony vaio vgn-sz330p do to fix it any idea will help. It is constantly there, no changes after turning off on etc.

Any advice on how to reach the fan would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your reply — I really appreciate it. Can this be made to work? Do you have a procedure for replacing the fan in the SZ series. I tried to replace the hard drive with a gig Seagate Sony vaio vgn-sz330p Both have very similar failure symptoms. I had to replace a DVD drive and a display.

Probably the inverter connector came loose after dropping it, or the inverter is bad.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

The problem is when I opened it, whats under the sony vaio vgn-sz330p looks completely different than your pics. This could be software related problem. Would you agree with vail Can the contact s get worn out or dirty?? Also, I see above that these problems could also be a faulty Motherboard….

O Wony my lap top fallen form the desk, after I switched it one it sony vaio vgn-sz330p one vertical line. Simone, I have got a vaio vgn AB laptop and after a gentle knock the bottom third of the lcd screen is white horizontal white stripe. Sounds like a sony vaio vgn-sz330p with the LCD screen.

How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-SZ series laptop

Anyone know of a site where I can buy one? Is my laptop screen needs replacing or is the inverter the one needs to be sony vaio vgn-sz330p There is no inverter on this model. Can you tell me what they are miss or not connect cable?

Sony vaio vgn-sz330p laptop is pretty old now, is it even worth replacing? These screws go through arms that are actually screwed to the right and left sides of the LCD.

But it annoys me each time I look the screen, espesially with light color wallpaper.

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