Done x for all tests, Wintune and 3D Winbench. Definitely not a buy for 3D intensive gamers! A quick check with PowerStrip showed that the memory was running at Diamond Multimedia, a company reknown for its multimedia products has a new addition to its Stealth family. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Despite that, the loading time of games like NFS3 and Half-Life is very fast and during gameplay the S feels smooth and no freezes whatsoever!

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Because I stongly believe that benchmarks are useless numbers without comparison to others, I will be comparing the S to my Asus TNT not overclocked as well as the Canopus SpectraPE Rseults obtained from Vijay’s Review and give the S a good run for its money! The stealth iii s540 Diamond applications started up together stealth iii s540 the system and the most annoying thing about it is whenever you left click on a blank portion of the desktop, the Windows 98 Start Menu pops up.

TV-Out No TV-Out is minor issue to most users, however it matters if you are an avid gamer and buy things like wireless keyboards and stealth iii s540 heavily on a nice flat TV! Unfortunately, the transition from this mock-up 3D accelerator market to the powerful 3D industry of today was ill made by S3, and stealth iii s540 company faded into the shadows not to be heard from for quite some time.

The Stealth family from Diamond has chipsets used from many different manufacturers, for example S3, Rendition and Intel, quite unlike the Viper family which has all its chipsets drawn from one company namely nVidia.

The memory chips being used is the Mira 7ns type. These are some of my first stealfh on opening the box, hehe, so without further ado, let’s continue with the Technical Specifications! stealth iii s540

Diamond Stealth III S540 Savage4 Pro

Despite that, the loading time of games like NFS3 and Half-Life is very fast and during gameplay the S feels smooth and no freezes whatsoever! It seems that I have stealth iii s540 open one end to get the video card and the other end to the manuals and CDs, nothing difficult if the card is yours, since you simply rip open the package, something difficult for me since this is merely stealth iii s540 loan!

Thermal Issues Yes, this is one of the most cruicial portions of this review, as seen from the images above, the Savage4 sports a heatsink without a fan courtesy of Diamond!

At the same time, Diamond’s new InControl Tools 99 utility comes bundled with the card and should help make tweaking your card stealth iii s540 more pleasant experience. A quick check with PowerStrip showed stealth iii s540 the x540 was running at Because of this, two distinct card varieties were created the creation actually took place much earlier than thatthe high-performance Viper series, and the low-cost Stealth series of graphics accelerators.

The box is plastered with information and boasts the advantages of owning a S over the 3dfx Voodoo3. Stealth iii s540 next most important thing that the S lacks would be a TV-Out function.

I would have loved to push this card a little higher and see some results!

Within the huge S box, lies a packet, containing the manuals and the card wrapped in an electrostatic bag stealth iii s540 into 2 levels. MS DirectX Version 6. According to Vijay’s tests the Spectra manages While S3 was lurking stealth iii s540 the background, Diamond made a few new friends by the names of 3Dfx now 3dfx and Rendition.

The Stealth 3D would prove to be a member of a multiplying faction of “3D” accelerators of the time, which actually barely resemble today’s wave of standard 3D accelerators in the least.

Diamond Stealth III S graphics card Specs – CNET

However if you intend to use TV out merely for bragging to your friends “Oh, I’ve got a Sony 29” monitor at home! However the OpenGL performance really proved to be ii eye-opener!

This isn’t a stealth iii s540 deal, but should you want to upgrade your RAM, stealth iii s540 would have to remove the S first, which is very inconvinent! It seems like ages ago, a quickly growing company, Diamond Multimedia, released their first Stealth 3D graphics accelerator.

With Diamond’s desktop lineup being composed entirely by solutions from NVIDIA and S3, there must be an incredible level of attention paid to making sure that their own products don’t compete with one another. TV-In would be nice although it is not exactly a must. The first in Diamond’s Stealth stealth iii s540 of graphics accelerators were based on chipsets provided from one of the hot shots of the time, a very well known company named S3.

The S3 Savage4 Pro stealth iii s540 is definitely described by the word lacklustre! Like the Diamond tradition, the S s40 “manual-less”.


At the bottom of the card, near the AGP interface are 3 jumpers. Stealth iii s540 Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. Iii x for all tests, Wintune and 3D Winbench.

The first thing you would notice about the cards is the lack of a fan. Nevertheless, the most obvious difference was the slightly brighter graphics.

Although the benchmarks do not show the RIVA TNT scorching ahead of the Savage4, it is quite enough to prove that S3 still hasn’t got what it takes to compete in stealth iii s540 high-end video card sector yet.

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