When I insert it in to the computer the pen drive detects only for about 3 seconds and then a pen drive removal sound is heard on the computer speaker. I tried the disk management but its not there? So can anybody tell what part is the problem in hardware and how to solve it. It has lot of imprtant data which i dont want to losse at any cost. Its getting detected in my system at home. My data approx 1. Any clues — How to fix this problem Regards Kulbhushan.

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Follow Us Twitter Follow troublefixers. I have WD external hard disk, when i connect it to my laptop it gets installed but not seen in My computer.

HI,i cant find a portable drive at disk managenent. Actually, my pendrive run shows the icon as removable disk, but not shows the files and folder in it nor the tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d is on. Initially it was working fine.

It occurs mostly with new pen drives connected to your computer for the first time. Also I can stop the drive normallyas one does.

Tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d have a strange problem that is my Transcend 4 Gd pendrive is working good with windows Xp operating system but it is not working with windows 7 operating system even it is not dectecting also its led also not blinking please help me…. The pen drive will tsetcorp detected but when u want cdddvdw access it, it will tell u 2 insert disk in the drive.

My 4GB MoserBear pen drive not opening. Dear sir, I have pen drive 8GB imation flash drive usb but it shows only 4. Please give me the reply immediately. tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d

Hi Friends, cddcdw have faced the pen drive not found in xp. Tsstclrp the divice status says: I tried all the options suggested above but unable to fix my problem. The second is that the format always fails. I have a 32GB Pen Drive. I have Transcend jetflash 8 GB pen dirvewhenever i connect it to my computer is show removable disk in my computer but when i click to open it, tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d shows Insert the disk first.

Hi my pendrive is a hp 2GB. I have 8 Ttsstcorp Pen Drive, Containing many folder. But when i connect another pc its working properly. Now a assign a new drive letter which is not being used by any of your drives in My Computer.

Dear Sir, Actually, my pendrive run shows cfdvdw icon as tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d disk, but not shows the files and folder in it nor the tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d is on.

What do i do??? But other pen drives are detected in my laptop. Thanks, my prob is solved coz of ur tips given at the beginning. I have all my office files in it. This is happening on different computers. Pen drive was working earlier and there is data inside.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

But i cannot format, as because I need the documents in it. The computer detects the pen drive but data on pen drive is not visible as the pen drive is not visible in My Tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d Explorer. Here is the solution to your problem — http: At first it woked but now it is detecting bute says no drive in drive. Aller faire un petit tour dans la partie hardware pour mon histoire de drivers Thanks to you all.

Its working fine now. On this disk management window, you can see some drives including the portable drive.

USB pen drive detected but doesn’t show up in My Computer

Sir, I am using Kingston 2GB pendrive for the last 2 years. What could the problem be? At my office where I work hsstcorp, my drive gets detected normallyand functions perfectly. I have an 8 Gb transcend pen drive, when i connect it is detected and task bar shows harware ready to use, it is not showing yellow in device manager, But in Disk Management it tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d showng two drives Jetflash 8Gb in drive 1 and Jetflash 80 Gb in drive 2, and showing both of them as unidentifired drives, Cddvxw two are seperate from My Hard Drives and no drive letter is shown on them also I am not able to assign any tsstcorp cddvdw sh s203d fddvdw no option is shown if I right click it.

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